To apply for membership, please email with the following information:

  • your current professional status
  • professional registration number
  • diploma number
  • or student number

Membership criteria:

  1. Membership is open to Turkish speaking healthcare professionals and/or healthcare professionals originating fromTurkeyorCyprus. British healthcare professionals with a special interest inTurkeyor who would like to be registered to practise inTurkeywill also be entitled to membership.
  2. There are four types of membership:
    • Full membership: FullUKaccreditation/ license to practice, practising health care professional with good standing. They have the right for voting in general meetings.
    • Honorary membership: Not health care professional (eg. lawyer, businessman, civil servant), who contributed to the mission of the association. The will not pay membership fees.
    • Visiting members: Health care professional practising outside the UK.
    • Affiliate members: Health care professionals, who are students or not yet fully registered as a licensed professional with the relevant body.
    • Voting rights and membership of the management/disciplinary/quality board is restricted to full membership holders.

  3. Anyone applying for full membership will need to produce evidence of their qualifications/registration, and good standing (for example doctors will need to demonstrate satisfactory annual appraisal, continuing GMC registration and successful GMC revalidation; other allied health professionals will need to provide equivalent documentation i.e. annual appraisal and continuing satisfactory registration with equivalent governing bodies).
  4. There will be an annual membership fee, the amount of which will be decided by the Board of Directors each year (for example £10 for full membership, £5 for affiliate membership to start with), which can be decided by the wider group of people or the management committee. The purpose of this is to provide sufficient funds to cover the operating costs of the Association. Other funding resources may be needed.
  5. Members will own the company, all members will pay yearly membership fee and will vote at meetings to appoint new directors, to approve the accounts and to change the constitution when needed.
  6. All members are expected to conduct themselves in line with the accepted standards defined by the GMC guidance: Good Medical Practice. If there is evidence of failure to meet this standard, the Board must investigate and act accordingly.