The objectives for which the Association is established are to promote the interests of healthcare professionals originating from Turkey (including all ethnic groups from Turkey and Turkish Cypriots) who are resident in the United Kingdom and to act as a responsible body to assist in dealings on their behalf with relevant institutions and contribute to their representation in order to further and protect their rights within the framework of European law so that their expertise can be used for the benefit of the communities originating from Turkey and currently residing in the United Kingdom.

In furtherance of these objectives the Association may do any or all of the following:

a) work together with other Turkish Medical/ Health care Associations within Europe with the aim of establishing ATSEF (European Turkish Healthcare Professionals Federation)

b) identify and provide guidance and support for healthcare professionals seeking recognition in the UK of their healthcare qualifications obtained from Turkish Institutions;

c) work with other agencies and organizations to arrange meetings with the relevant authorities concerned on the evaluation and representation of Turkish medical qualifications in Europe and work towards the process of recognition of Turkish qualifications in European countries and direct recognition of UK health qualifications in Turkey;

d) educate patients from Turkish community to raise awareness on health issues and inform health care organizations such as the NHS (National Health Service) to increase understanding of the needs of these communities;

e) produce a directory of Turkish speaking healthcare professionals for the use of British healthcare professionals to enhance patient choice;

f) serve as a platform for academic discussions to promote relevant research and cooperation with medical institutions in Turkey working towards a closer UK liaison with the Turkish health care system to exchange information and individual experience;

g) facilitate and organize research and exchange programs between Turkish and British universities and hospitals;

h) do all such other lawful things as are necessary or desirable in the opinion of the directors.